Layered Narratives: In Alexander Denkert’s Beautiful Mind

While staring at Alexander Denkert’s paintings, there is a visual sensation which captures the viewer’s attention. Denkert (b.1985) is a Berlin-based artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. The recurrent colorful patterns with thickly applied brushstrokes usually dominate his canvases which create an impression of striking fission. Thus, his repetitive perspectives, either they are vertical or diagonal, illustrate a dizzying illusion for the viewer’s eyes. His technique also renders a sense of a creative deconstruction which characterizes his painting style; multiple visual narratives cover each other on his canvases, creating finally a new abstract story. Achieved with admirable ease, this meta-narrative shapes a new dialogue with the viewer. In addition, pop culture elements, as well as fanciful features from comics, accompany the visual themes of his artworks. Denkert explains to ArtVerge that he can be inspired by various daily sources which accidentally “cross his mind out of the blue” and therefore feels the need to express himself creatively.
Can you tell us about the process of making your work? What inspires you?
I get hit by things once in a while. They just cross my mind out of the blue and I need to do something with these things. They can be just simple shapes or letters or maybe cars and I start drawing them in small notebooks to get to know them. Then I bring these things into the paintings. Not the drawings only the things. I keep repeating the painting process until there is nothing undecided left.

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How would you define your work in few words?
It is not narrative.

Geography II, oil on canvas, 125 x 200cm, 2016, image courtesy of Alexander Denkert
Do you have any favorite book, film or painting that inspires you?
In some pieces, it seems obvious what has inspired me. But I don’t think there is a direct connection between my work and the cultural goods I consume and love. On the other hand, I believe all of it is going into every single painting. Even the books I read. So I’m just the filter.

Kitchen, oil on canvas, 150 x150 cm, 2016, image courtesy of Alexander Denkert

 Do you have any favorite artist?
I got a new list of favorite artists in my had every day including all kinds of artists. For now, it is Bob Dylan, Alex Katz and Richard Kelly.
When was the latest video you watched on social media and had an impact on your mood? Which one?
I follow a page called „Tasty“ on Facebook. I think it’s supposed to show people how easy they can make themselves a good meal. But it seems to me that it’s basically about what you can do with cheese and hot dogs. The last video I’ve seen there was „breakfast biscuits“ and it made me worry about people’s health.
Which exhibition did you visit last?
That was last week and it was fun. The exhibition is called „+ultra. knowledge & gestaltung“ at Martin-Gropius-Bau. I’m sure the openings were great this week. But the rainy November weather stopped me from getting on my bike and cycling across the city. I will improve next week. I promise.

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What do you do the most when you are very bored?
In a situation like this, I must be either drunk or hungover — unable to do anything that challenges my mind. I usually get a strange tingling sensation on my knees and start to walk.
Are you a morning person or a night owl? 
For some reason, I’m trying very hard to get used to getting up early. But I fail every time.
Which are your plans for the near future?
I look only a week ahead. So my plan is: go to the studio every day, spend some focused hours there, visit some local gallery openings and have decent dinner.
Safety Dance, oil on canvas, 125 x 200cm, 2016, image courtesy of Alexander Denkert
Bedroom, oil on canvas, 150 x 150cm, 2016, image courtesy of Alexander Denkert

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