Meet The Multimedia Artist, Kurtis Culig, Begging The Streets To Love Him

This article was written by Yannis Kostarias of the Hong Kong-based art, fashion and lifestyle news platform TheArtGorgeous

If you have grown up in New York City or familiarized yourself with the exuberant art scene of this metropolis, then you will not need any further introduction to Curtis Kulig.

A truly multifaceted artist, Kulig came to prominence with his distinctive expression of the “Love Me”project. The young American created this tag to celebrate the humanity of his artistry, which is successfully transformed into a recognizable and trendy commodity.

Kulig’s artistic brand identity has made its own way from North Dakota to be a success in NYC, while also managing to slide his signature phrase assets from street art to many, many other fields.




But even if you are familiar with Kulig’s public art, you might not know about his other prominent collaborations in the areas of photography, fashion, advertising, etc. Discover some of his biggest multimedia projects below:

1. Love Me x DKNY

New York was one of Kulig’s greatest sources of inspiration for the DKNY Fall 2013 fashion campaign. New York’s passion energized the “Love Me” artist to incorporate his creative logo into a brand new slogan, called “Love NY,” for the American leading fashion house.

The supermodel Cara Delevingne also dynamites DKNY’s campaign, giving a more glamorous dimension to this collaboration.

2. Love Me x Happy Socks

Kulig also undertook sock design and created a three-color print edition in red, white and black tints. Of course, his favorite two-word motto dominated the socks’ print making them spread love while offering a charming contrast to your denim.




3. Love Me x Disaronno

Would a deep red, handwritten “Love Me” sign make you try some delicious alcohol? Curtis teamed up with the most famous Italian liquor, Disaronno, and created a limited edition of 50 bottles for Valentine’s Day.

Kulig certainly amplified the desire for sweet feelings and the persuasion to try mellow cocktail combinations during a romantic rendezvous.




4. Love Me x SmashBox

If you are really addicted to makeup products, you must confess that a catchy “Love Me” label on your favorite contour palette would make you feel higher. The artist created another limited edition for SmashBox Cosmetics inviting all girls to fall in love with this new package.

5. Love Me x Urban Outfitters

Kulig’s “Love Me” signature is once again the main protagonist in an exclusive street style collection by Urban Outfitters ranging from t-shirts and tees to beanies and pillows.

6. Love Me x Vans

A “Love Me” graffiti print style in repetition on your sneakers will unquestionably transform you to a fashionable youngster. No matter if you go skating with your friends or to visit a fancy art gallery, this style will be cool on any occasion.


7. Love Me x Topman

A really fabulous collaboration between Kulig and Topman. The American artist customized the whole collection celebrating the icon of a modern man who loves comfortable, wearable and always in-style outfits. His collection includes important notes from Kulig’s personal male symbols such as Albert Einstein, Woody Allen and Richard Avedon.

8. Love Me x Uniqlo

An alternative side of his talent was shown via a live art and light show where Curtis himself directly interacted with people keen on his art. Curtis personalized gifs with his recognizable manifesto phrase and then carried on undertaking the UT truckshop’s LED lights creating an interactive “Love Me” light show! How cool is that?




9. Love Me x Pendleton

Curtis Kulig’s motto was also printed on blankets for Pendleton Woolen Mills. However, this is not another simple blanket. The collaboration’s project name is Hermann because of the psychologist Hermann Rorschach who inspired Kulig to come up with the idea of a Love therapy. Two important words create great feelings when holding tight this blanket.




Words:Yannis Kostarias

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