Arch & Posed: Online Group Exhibition

Art Verge X Figurative Vertigo

‘Arch & Posed’

Opening: Friday 10.09.21

Online Group Exhibition: 10.09-17.10.2021

Art Verge joins forces with Figurative Vertigo and are both excited to announce their first online group exhibition, Arch & Posed, which runs from 10th Sept-17th October 2021. We are very proud to have on board a diverse group of ten artists whose creative practice excels into the realm of figurative imagery. Arch & Posed aims to freely explore the nature of being playful, intriguing, unconventional as well as fascinating expressions of feeling wit, teasing and mischievous through ten different paintings. Aiming to extract various perspectives of playfulness, this group show is to emphasize not only the diversity of this term but also to underscore the potential of a positive outcome for each viewer. Showcasing emerging and early career artists from West and Eastern EuropeUnited Kingdom and Russia we are eager to transform a virtual space into a joyful area where viewers will be able to interact with our diverse installation of ten unique artworks.

Each artist presents his/her carefully composed painting and deals with this topic through his/her individual prism. Andre Wendland humorously reveals exuberantly spontaneous colored canvases populated by his seemingly naive figures. Iryna Maksymova creatively renders a frisky and jubilant caption between her female figurative character and her beloved wild pet. Dzvinya Podlyashetska and Janes Haid-Schmallenberg both point out a more sarcastic point of view with their colourfully labored compositions; Podlyashetska’s cool characters are simply showing their chilly vibes, while Haid-Schmallenberg’s grotesque work happily joints minimized figures with abstract details within the same framework. More mysteriously archer tone is rendered by the intentionally hard contouring of Ash Mckean’s work while Lindsey Jean McLean allures the viewing with the seducement of her female figure painted in more delicate aesthetics. On the contrary Filippo Cegani’s enjoyment concentrates on the spray-painted representation of his male fitted body allure excluding other parts of his character’s presentation. Ivan Arlaud entertains the eyes with his vivid figurative imagery inciting semi abstract tones into his female celebratory gathering composition. Maia Regis’ visual language focuses on a denser and intense portraiture investing on a frisky contrast in bodily forms, shapes and colour of his fashionable Gucci Girl, whereas concentrating on everyday surroundings Alexey Yakovlev’s portrait deploys a more realistic and idiosyncratic painting style.

The 10 artists participating in this virtual group exhibition include: Alexey Yakovlev (RU), André Wendland (DE), Ash Mckean (UK), Dzvinya Podlyashetska (UA), Filippo Cegani (IT), Iryna Maksymova  (UA), Ivan Arlaud (FR), Janes Haid-Schmallenberg (DE), Lindsey Jean McLean (UK), Maia Regis (UK).

Curated by Art Verge & Figurative Vertigo

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Arch & Posed, Online Group Exhibition, 2021

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