AucArt: A New Online Auction House Specialised In Early Career Contemporary Art

Taking into consideration that art and technology are converging more than ever before in many ways, opportunities for art entrepreneurial ventures are ever increasing, too. Buying art online is on the rise year by year illustrating a growing interest in the art market.
Today’s art start ups are here to further engage the art lovers with the contemporary art scene from an innovative perspective; it can be argued that the ways in which art is consumed today have shifted the international standards. Access and transparency consist mandatory values of the online game democratising and opening the art market to a wider audience.

Words: Yannis Kostarias

©AucArt, Natasha Arselan
Aiming to fill the gap in the art market about selling artworks of emerging artists that struggle to promote their art, AucArt is a new specialised online art auction house that directly connects young artists with collectors through a user-friendly uncomplicated buying system.
“AucArt provides people outside the art market with access to the inside. It is the only platform to specialise in contemporary art produced by artists in their final year BA/MA up to three years out of art school with our team having visited the UK’s top art schools and selected the most promising graduate artists work. AucArt’s user interface is innovative and dynamic, offering users an enjoyable online shopping experience.”
In her interview with Art Verge, Natasha Arselan (b.1990), the founder and chief executive of AucArt, shares her art vision and introduces her new art online business, while suggesting some new artists with great potential to keep an eye on.
Natasha Arselan, Founder & CEO AucArt, ©Natasha Arselan
Art Verge: Are there any three key-words that characterise the vision for AucArt?
Natasha Arselan: Disruptive, discovery, transparent.
AV: What’s the biggest benefit for someone to buy from your digital art platform?
NA: They will be one of the first to have discovered & own work by the artist.
AV: Invest in living artists” -Does this motto consist a milestone idea for AucArt?
NA: We are even more specific – invest in living artists at the beginning of their career!

AV: As a founder, what would you say it is the most important goal for AucArt’s first year?
NA: To sustain our credible reputation & extend our fast-growing network of both our collectors & our artists.
AV: Can you share with us 5 emerging artists we should keep an eye in 2018?
NA: Otto Ford, Michal Raz, Ben Edmunds, Badr Ali, Oriele Steiner.
AV: Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi was just sold for $450.3 million; what were your first thoughts when you heard the news?
NA: I thought of Dmitry Rybolvovlev howling with laughter.

AV: What does your mum say about your dream?
NA: Ha! my mom has always encouraged me to follow my dreams…she’s totally behind everything AucArt stands for.
AV: What’s the best advice someone gave you while developing your art business?
NA: ‘Stay true to your vision’ (My close friend/Fellow entrepreneur Pablo Restrepo).


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