Marie Hazard: Small Town Boy

Marie Hazard

Artwork’s Title: Small town boy

Year: 2019

Materials Used: Mixed fabrics

Studio’s Location: Mexico City


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Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

Marie Hazard

I am usually weaving with my loom (based in Paris). I choose my yarns, and after a long preparatory work , I finally weave different yarns, textures and colours. I mainly use only one pattern which called “plain weave”. It is the most basic one. I learned maybe more than 300 patterns at CSM (Central Saint Martins), but I like to keep it simple and strong. Less is more ! At the same time I collect lots of information for my research. For my show at Sunday-s Copenhagen I decided to work with soccer jerseys and denim. Then I worked with the most popular bags ‘TATI bags’ in France. I am continuing this work here in Mexico, in my artist residency. I like working with concept which touch everyone. I am mostly highlighting the popular culture and the the history behind a garment.

I truly believe that there is a strong meaning behind every clothes. For example, when I worked on the soccer jersey it was to highlight the place of the ‘heroes’; behind every tee shirt. Today, we all want to be recognise for our talent, work and results. I love the concept that everyone can be an “heroes” in a very easy way! I take many photographs and print them on my weave. I am using different yarns which highlight the printing. It is kind of magic. You can’t really see the details on the first look and when you are close to the art piece. But as soon as you take distance you realise which print it is. I like that it is not obvious but that you can definitely guess an image. It is subtile.

At that moment I am in an artist residency (Casa Lu) in Mexico City. For the first time I am not weaving or printing. I collected the grocery bags. They are woven with plastic fibers. I decided to cut them and totally start a new piece. I will also present some drawings about my Mexican inspiration.

How would you define your work in a few words (ideally in 3 words)?

Horizon, hazard, fly away.

Would you use another three different words to describe the ‘Small Town Boy’ artwork?

Travel, exotic, sustainable.

How did you come up with this painting idea? Is there any story behind this artwork?

Here the text of my show: In the practice of the French weaver Marie Hazard, the movement is understood not from its pictorial representation, but from the making of the work, that is, at the moment in which all its entity enters rhythm with its loom for the manufacture of textiles In the case of Borders, the movement is based on the concept.

In the presented series, Marie felt close to one of the practical objects that are part of the mexicaneidad: colourful market bags. With them he concentrated on a compositional level in the patterns and colours of each one after observing them, de-configuring them and then assembling them according to the opacity and transparency that he was deciphering. Borders, besides being a dismemberment and collage of plastic fabrics, is an exploration on the symbol of the object, in this case a bag that transits, which is loaded with situations and travels freely without understanding borders; the unfolding of an object that unites and throws new contours with the intervention of the weaver. The painting is a way to show my textiles in a conceptual way. The textile is totally deconstructed and constructed again; the Mexican bags are forgotten, and a new and surprising textile appears.

What colour is used the most in this artwork?

It is a mix of colours. But I will say blue. The opacity and transparency plays a lot in my work. I combined so many different fabrics. The kitch (fabric from the Mexican Kitchen), hand woven and printed plastic mexican bags, and I hand sew all my textile.

What would be the best way to exhibit your work?

I usually hang it on the wall with long nails so it is not totally touch to the wall. There is
some space between the wall and the art piece.

Can you mention any artists you, lately or generally, take inspiration from?

GUNTHER FORG, Anni Albers, Sterling Ruby, Ethan Cook, Sheila Hicks, Pablo Picasso, Tracey Emin, Brent Wadden and of course Claude Viallat who is such an amazing artist. I also think that I love those works because I met Ethan, Brent, Sheila and Claude, and it was such a nice meeting all the time. I even worked with one of them. You have to guess which one 🙂

How do you know when this painting was finished?

I knew 🙂

What about the place where you work? What’s your studio space look like?

I am working in Paris in a little studio and I love it so much, The studio is located on the top of a Parisian building (from 1915) so I see the sky all the time. For me it is very important to see the natural light. In Mexico, the studios are in the house. I am surrounded of a huge garden. I love it. It is very nice, it is also good to work without the stress of this giant city. Sometimes I don’t leave the house for 4 days because it is just great. I enjoy the park with his fruit trees.

Is there any particular message that you wish your viewers can take from this body of work?

Be free, be honest and don’t be an asshole. I think that is the best advice.

Which was the best comment that you received regarding this work?

“This work is a good combination. This piece evoke the freedom and is also very vivid.” This piece is a concentrated of my trip so for me it was important to show the different fabrics / patterns that I can find here. People said they “travel when they see it”.

What does your mum think about your art?

I think she likes it, but she doesn’t get the concept of my work. She always refer to interior design.

Which exhibition did you visit last?

I was in NYC last week for the armory show. It was such a good fair. I loved the booth of Sorry we are Closed with the sculpture of Eric Croes and the one of the solo show of Claude Viallat at Ceysson Benetière. I saw a show of Gunther Forg a Hauser and Wirth. I love his work, and this gallery is the best for me. They have incredible shows with a great scenography. I also the show of Christina Forrer at Luhring Augustine. I saw her works for the first time it was so great. I am going back to the anthropology museum of Mexico which is absolutely amazing. I have been there once before, but I didn’t finish it … it is so big!

Which are your plans for the near future?

Still weaving of course. I will have new projects in Copenhagen soon 2019/2020, and probably in Berlin too. I will probably come back in mexico city as I love this city and NYC, I would love to work there and leave Europe for a little time, as I never lived out of Europe. NYC made me think of London where I studied for 3 years (at Central Saint Martins). I love this city, it was very nice. I feel sometimes isolated regarding my practice in Paris. I just feel that NYC is such a great open minded city. The collectors are very interesting and happy to discover. I feel Paris is much more traditional even if they open more doors to young artists. I have many ideas in my head and this trip was the best that I lived.

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