Meet Pandemonia, Fashion World’s Most Famous Latex Doll

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She’s tall, blond, confident, with a well-shaped latex silhouette and fleshy red lips. She is also one of the fashion and art world’s best-kept secrets.

Even if you’re one of her hundreds of thousands Instagram followers, or see her in the first row of London’s fashion week shows holding Snowy, her cute fox terrier dog, you probably still have no idea who this mysterious being us.

Always at ease with people asking to take a selfie with her, this beauty never passes up a glamorous shot. So who is that girl behind that offbeat Vogue of rubber dolling?

Meet Pandemonia Panacea – the post-pop modern British artist who came up with this controversial idea retaining a secret about her identity.

The British artist behind Pandemonia’s persona focuses on her character’s idealized life as a glamorous blonde bombshell in a latex parallel universe. All of Pandemonia’s dresses and hairstyles are made by the artist herself, which makes it really impressive given that this rubber doll likes to change looks quite a lot!

At a first glance, you might think that this female figure and her shimmering latex outfits are part of a well-planned marketing game. But Pandemonia is not just a life-sized plastic doll – her character emits a fabulous cartoon icon walking among us, mere humans, and spreading big doses of joy and beauty.

Pandemonia plays with her image and mainly with fantasy. She lets us fantasize how she might look in reality or, even more so, how we could start a conversation with her. Could it even happen?

On the other hand, this living pop culture character sits on a big pink bubble ready to blow up along with the superficial values of being an icon in the shiny world of media-made celebs.

In any case, Pandemonia, as mentions her name, unleashes chaos with her mysterious look. At the same time, she appears very approachable, so if you ever come across her on the street, ask for a picture… Unless, of course, she is surrounded by one of her numerous fans, such as Kylie Minogue or JP Gaultier!

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