David Honaoney ⼤卫.霍尿泥: I Will Kick Your Ass!Finger Heart Monster ⼀脚踹⻜⽐⼼怪

David Honaoney ⼤卫.霍尿泥

Painting’s Title: I will kick your ass!Finger heart monster


Material Used: acrylic on canvas, spray paint, crayon


Studio Based: Wuxi, China 所在工作室:中国无锡

⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney,⼀脚踹⻜⽐⼼怪,I will kick your ass!finger heart monster,布⾯ 丙烯、喷漆、蜡笔, Acrylic on canvas, Spray paint, crayon, 170x150cm, 2022

Can you tell us about the process of making your work? 你能告诉我们关于你创作的过程吗?

 Actually, I spend a lot of time on being lost in various fancies and conjectures every day. Because there are so many strange things and strange pictures in my mind. Some ideas are what I have come up with out of my own mind, others are feelings about what I see and hear, and both of them will be my creative material. Take the painting as an example, generally I will draw in my mind many times before painting, and I can even feel the brush strokes, rhythm, texture, and smell. However, when I really start painting, I will put all those aside and let the brush take me on the canvas. This kind of creation actually will meet a lot of difficulties in the process. When it happens, I will find a way to solve it. But I cannot solve problems successfully every time, and it is too difficult. So, I have to throw in defeat, or lose my temper, I even feel frustrated, and sometimes the problem is suddenly solved just because I didn’t solve it, I enjoy the process. 


How would you define your work in a few words (ideally in 3 words)? 请你用几个词语来定义你的作品(最好是用3个词语)?

Tangle, Ruins, Confrontation. 纠缠、破坏、对抗

Could you share with us some insight on your painting of “Kick the person who says he loves you to death“(2022) ? Is there any particular story behind this new work? 


I translated this work as “I will kick your ass! finger heart monster”. It is also my inner monologue. 

The “Finger heart” is very popular recently, which is used to express love. It is simple to finish this motion, however, I really want to use Bruce Lee’s move to kick this out. Because this kind of love is a complete lie. In the face of such a vulgar lie, we need to pretend to believe in it, no, I choose to kick it away. In my painting works, there are often some women with guns or fighting. Compared with men, women are often in a weak position, but when the weak sides pick up weapons and do not hesitate to shoot, or kick out a heavy kick. For me, this will produce the beauties, and the brave resistance of the weak is a kind of beauty. On the contrary, the male images in my paintings tend to be like monsters. The male is ugly, obscene, hysterical, and their genitals are like long balloons are about to explode. This is their only weapon; they are weak and ridiculous.

这件作品我把它翻译成“I will kick your ass!finger heart monster”,这也是我的内心独白。比心这个动作最近在互联网上非常流行,它用来表达爱意,完成这个动作是如此的简单,但我非常想用李小龙的招式一脚把这个比心怪踢飞,因为这种爱的表达是彻头彻尾的谎言,面对着如此粗鄙拙劣的谎言,还要装作一副相信它的样子来,不,我选择一脚把它踹飞。我的绘画作品中往往会出现一些拿着枪或者战斗中的女人,相对于男人,女人往往处于弱势,但是当弱者拿起了武器毫不犹豫的开枪、或者踢出了重重的一脚,对于我来说,这就产生了美感,弱者勇敢的反抗,就是一种美。而相反的,我的绘画中出现的男性形象往往是怪物的模样,他们丑陋、猥琐、歇斯底里,他们的生殖器都好像长长的气球马上就要爆炸,这是他们唯一的武器,他们是虚弱的、可笑的。

Are you only involved in the field of painting or are you also interested in other  mediums such as sculptures or mixed media arts? 你的艺术创作通常只涉及绘画领域还是也对其他创作媒介感兴趣,比如雕塑或混合媒介艺术?

In addition to painting, my creation also involves some short video works which echo my painting works. I tried my best to avoid the signs of delicacy, clarity, and delicacy in my short videos, and my short videos look like a piece of chewing gum which is difficult to chew up.


Have your  artworks been created by random experiments in your studio or do you usually come up with a particular concept or narrative in the very beginning of your artistic process?  你的艺术作品是在你的工作室里随机实验创造的,还是你通常在创作的一开始就想出一个特定的概念或叙述?

Both cases occur, but I prefer to think more. 这两种情况都有,但我更喜欢多想。

In your Instagram account, there is a very cheerful and colourful curatorial perspective when you try to present you new paintings. It definitely looks fun! How do you feel this creative aspect of yourself?  在你的Instagram账号中,每当你试图呈现你的新画作时,都会有一个非常欢快、色彩丰富的展示方式。它看起来很有趣很特别!请说一下你的这些创意?

It is glad to hear you say that. From my point of view, the way of my presentation is as important as my paintings themselves, it can express the effects that cannot be expressed in some paintings. I would cut my paintings into the exhibition halls of various art galleries to fake an exhibition effect, and then find some very suitable characters from the Internet to collage them into this virtual space to perform. Some of  the characters are those who like dancing in the square, some are small potatoes who suddenly say a word that radiates the light of humanity, some are my favorite stories about the characters in a movie, and so on. I love those simple videos, and sometimes I think they are even more impressive than my paintings.


Is there any particular theme that utterly triggers you to engage your art with? 有没有什么特别的主题能完全触发你的艺术创作?

Since from 2019, I have displayed frequent doomsday scenes in my creation. Of course, what brought it to me is the external environment. People have gradually fallen into madness over the years of the epidemic, and it makes me feel scared. We are being brought into destruction by tyranny, selfishness, greed, hatred, jealousy, numbness, and lies. Compared with these human evils, the meteorites hitting the earth, the smoky volcano, the lava earth, and the tsunami in my face are all so gorgeous, gentle and beautiful. I hope that when people see my paintings, they will feel afraid and ashamed: “My soul and appearance are formerly ugly.”


What would be the best way to exhibit your work? 你认为展示你的作品的最好方式是什么?

In my opinion, some of short videos I created can show my works very well, or putting my paintings in the National Gallery of Art, the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum? Hahaha, it is not important. I can forge this scene at any time!  I think the art is coming down to look at everyone rather than respected by people in the tall, bright, luxurious art gallery. The tall, bright, luxurious art gallery should be a place where people dance, sing, drink coffee, and talk about love.


Can you mention any Chinese artists you, lately or generally, take inspiration from? Also from any other country? 你能说出一个你最近或通常能从中获得灵感的中国艺术家吗?或者其他国家的艺术家。

Edvard Munch, Xu Wei 徐渭

What about the place where you work? What’s your studio space look like? 你的工作室是什么样子的?

My studio is very small, maybe just only 20 square meters. But I gave it a huge name, I named it as The Cosmic Ray Art Gallery. Although it has small space, even has litter room to store more of my paintings, I still love to draw the big paintings. Where there is oppression, there is resistance. In order to save the space, I even draw the paintings directly on a cloth and roll them up after finishing it. But it does not bother me a lot. Instead, it makes me very motivated, I feel in the vast universe in my studio.


Which are your plans for the near future? 你未来有哪些计划?

I hope to make more friends who have similar interests with me, and I will draw paintings for them to enjoy. 我希望能多交到一些兴趣相投的朋友,我画画给他们看。

Additional Paintings

⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney想象你的乳头放激光可以治疗驼背,Imagine that your nipple laser can treat hunch,布⾯丙烯、喷 漆、蜡笔, Acrylic on canvasSpray paint, crayon,170x150cm,2022
⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney, 地球毁灭前夜的最后⼀次露营⽤伏特加代替⼿冲,The last camping on the eve of the earth’s destruction replaced brew coffee with vodka,布⾯丙烯、喷漆、蜡笔,Acrylic on canvas, Spray paint, crayon, 170x120cm,2021年
⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney末⽇⽕⼭下的城市,Cities City-car suv under the Doomsday Volcano,布⾯丙烯、喷漆、记号笔, Acrylic on canvas, Spray paint, Marker pen, 90x90cm,2021
⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney⽇出时让恋爱终结,国语版,Let love end at sunrise, mandarin edition,布⾯丙烯、喷漆、蜡笔, Acrylic on canvas, Spray paint, crayon, 50x50cm,2021年
⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney末⽇最流⾏的发型是波浪卷, The most popular hairstyle at the end of the world is curly hair, 布⾯ 丙烯、喷漆,Acrylic on canvas, Spray paint, 120x120cm, 2021
⼤卫.霍尿泥,David.Honaoney,⼀脚踹⻜⽐⼼怪,I will kick your ass!finger heart monster,布⾯ 丙烯,喷漆, 蜡笔


All images courtesy of the artist

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